Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Team Describes their Skillset

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team knows that if you see someone who steps up in a hotel or resort to help out with a guest that is having a problem, you are probably watching a member of our team in action. The people that intervene when something is going wrong are some of the most important people that work at a hotel or resort.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team has extra training that allows them to turn what could be a negative experience into a much more positive experience. People will still remember what caused the problem in the first place, but they will also remember how the problem was dealt with. There are several key attributes that member of this squad must have.

  • A positive attitude – It is important to approach any problems with a smile. Let the guest know that you are happy to take care of any issue that they may have.
  • The ability to focus on the problem – A guest may be worried about who is at fault. The hotel staff needs to worry about what it takes to resolve the problem and not who caused it.
  • The power to resolve the problem – If a staff member can fix something, they should do it. If it is beyond what they can do, they should know who to turn to in order to resolve the problem.
  • A way to follow up – It is important that you not only resolve the problem, but that you follow up later to make sure the guest is happy. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team knows that is what will make a guest want to return.