Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Team Goes Over Common Guest Complaints at Hotels

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team knows that if you work in a hotel, your job is to make the guests happy. There will be times that no matter how hard you try the guests will still find something to complain about. The way the complaints are dealt with will help decide whether the guest has a positive experience or a negative experience. Before trying to deal with guest complaints, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team suggests that it is a good idea to know what the most common complaints that guest have are.

  • Lost reservations. This is the biggest complaint that people have. The guest will insist that they did everything right and that it is the hotel’s fault. The reality is that it could be the hotel’s fault or it could be the guest’s fault. Blame is not important. Finding a resolution to the problem is important.
  • Fees added to the bill. Guests will wonder why they have been charged a cancellation fee or why they have had a fee added for the towels in their room. If the hotel makes guests aware of all of the fees in advance, that should satisfy the guest. There will be times when waiving the fees is the best option.
  • Ignoring the do not disturb sign. Guests still depend on that door hanger to keep people out of their room. Unfortunately, it does not always work. If the guests are disturbed, the hotel needs to acknowledge it and apologize.  It is not a situation that should be ignored even if it is important for the housekeeping service to do their job. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints prevention team enforces that the guest always comes first.