Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Discusses Common Housekeeping Complaints

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints management team knows that proper hotel procedures are important to guests. When things are not done according to those procedures, it can cause guests to complain. One of the common areas that end up getting guest complaints is housekeeping. To help hotel workers be aware of these complaints and prepare for them, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club complaints management team offers three common housekeeping problems.

  • Staff not entering correctly: Housekeeping staff should knock and then wait to see if anyone responds before they enter the room. However, sometimes they knock and immediately enter, not allowing an unfit guest time to tell them to wait.
  • Staff ignoring do not disturb signs: If a staff member sees this sign on the door and they ignore it, the guest will get very angry. Guests use these signs to protect their privacy so if a staff member’s proceeds despite the sign, the guest considers it a violation of their privacy rights and it can cause a huge problem for the hotel.
  • Changes to the room settings: Another common complaint from guests is that the settings to various things in the room change after the housekeeping staff has come and gone. Housekeeping may do this by changing the temperature from the guest’s settings, or turning and leaving on things like the television, radio, or lights. When guests return to their room and the setting have not been put back the way that they were, it creates confusion and annoyance for the guest and can harm their trip.